It's all about the stories x MINDWEAVER by Rue Stiic

'It's all about the stories'

This has been a long time coming... My first blog post, first of many more to come. If you don't know me, I live and love to tell visual stories - this is exactly what you will find right here on my blog. I will be sharing fashion shoots, creative collaborations, salty stories and travel diaries from around the globe, wherever my job takes me. 

I chose to kick this off today with a beautiful story of wanderlust and freedom, as I'm currently packing my bags and cameras for another amazing work adventure - this time I am heading back to the coast of California and Baja Mexico where I will be road tripping and shooting for the month of August. 

This featured story - MINDWEAVER by Rue Stiic, was shot last month in Bali. 

The magic of wanderlust, the strongest of desires, to wander, the feeling of finding a wild place unknown. Follow your heart, roam fierce bohemian spirits, explore the impulse of freedom. 

Models: Shannon @shannontaylor + Claudia @odyondine 

HMU: @yeanne_makupart

Location: Bali

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed shooting it in my home away from home. 

CB x